Not sure how our process works? Wondering if you need to clean up or repair anything around your property before we come out to take a look? Get the answers to these frequently questions—and many more—below!

About Invest West

Are you guys “flippers?”
We sure aren’t! Unlike many other investors in the marketplace and the people you see on TV, we typically keep the properties we buy, fix them up, and turn them into affordable rentals for our community.

Are you local?
Yes, and incredibly proud to be! We have more than 30 years of experience purchasing and investing in real estate in Cheyenne and Laramie County.

About the buying process

Do I need to be in financial trouble to use your services?
No! In fact, most of our sellers aren’t in financial trouble at all; they just haven’t seen a quick turnaround after putting their house on the traditional real estate market, or they’re running out of time to sell their house as part of a contingency offer or other time-sensitive situation.

Do you buy every house you look at?
No, but we do our best to help in some way every seller who contacts us.

What’s the process if we want you to buy our property?
First, we need to get some information from you about the property [link to contact page or jump to form at bottom of the page?]. If we think there’s a possibility for a “win-win” transaction, we’ll set up a time to view the property. After we see your property, we’ll make you an offer right away, then handle all the paperwork and arrangements from there.

Should we do any repairs and improvements to our property prior to having you look at it?
It’s actually easier for us if you don’t, as most repairs/improvements wind up being removed or changed once we begin renovating the property.

Should we clean and tidy the house before we have you view the property?
Nope! No matter how messy your house is, there’s a 99% chance we’ve seen much worse. We’re only there to look at the structure and layout of the property; whether or not it’s messy won’t affect our purchase decision.

If you decide to buy my property, what happens next?
As long as there are no title issues, and our roof inspector can get there, we can (and have) closed in 2 business days! Once we’ve agreed on a price that feels fair for both sides, we’ll prepare a contract and other necessary paperwork, then take it from there. Several people have even commented that our process is “easier than selling a car!”

How much will you pay for a house, based on its current value?
We don’t follow any specific mathematical formula when determining a purchase price. Ultimately, our goal is to find a price we consider a win for you and a win for us.

What if you look at my property and decide not to buy it?
We’ll still do our best to offer a helping hand and provide you some possible solutions to best serve you and your situation.

What type of repairs do you do after you buy a property?
It varies, depending on the condition of the property. With any property we buy, our goal is to make improvements that contribute toward our overall goal of making the community a better place.

About fees and costs

How much are your fees?
$0.00… really! We don’t charge any fees for any part of the process [unless anything else is agreed to in the contract], and we take care of any fees required (such as payment to third-party vendors, like title insurance companies).

Do I have to pay for anything if you buy my property?
The amount you owe on any mortgages or liens, as well as the portion of the property taxes you owe for the year in which we close on your property, will be deducted from the purchase price at closing. We’re happy to estimate these costs for you, so there’s no surprises.

About closing

How fast can we close?
If the title work comes back clean, we can usually close in as little as 3 days. Our record so far is contract to closing in just 2 days.

What if we can’t, or don’t want to, close fast?
No problem! We want every transaction to feel like a win-win for both parties, and that includes allowing you the amount of time you need to move. We’re happy to move the closing out, within reason. Most closures take about 30-45 days, but we’ve even gone as far out as 6 months.

Please note: Every deal is different, and anything agreed to or stated in the official purchase contract will take precedence over anything stated herein.