Estate & Probate

Life changes can be difficult to navigate. Whether or not you decide to sell your house to us, our compassionate team is here to help guide you and your family in making important decisions.

Moving or moved in senior care?
We hope you have found a comfortable place to call your new home. Now, what should you do with your current/previous house? Our company provides full service real estate support. The selling process is easy and you do not even need to remove unwanted belongings or clean the house.

Inherited a house?
The process can be overwhelming. Personal Representatives have many decisions to make and we are here to help. We have a professional community network of lawyers, insurance agents, and financial planners in Laramie County to help guide you in all your estate & probate needs. When it comes to selling, we do our best to make the process easy and stress-free for you and your family.

The House-Selling Process

  1. Call us at (307) 632-8222 to set up a consultation.
  2. Our team will tour the house and offer a fair price within 24 hours. When a mutually beneficial price has been determined, we will agree on a closing date. (Closing can happen in as little as two days.)
  3. You can obtain any belongings you would like from the house until closing.
  4. After closing, our clean-out crew will remove any unwanted furniture and belongings. Most of these will be donated to ReStore of Habitat for Humanity. However, if we find anything that seems to be of value (like a diamond ring or box of cash), we will first contact you to see if you would like it back. After the clean-out, we hire local contractors to make any needed repairs to the house.

When we buy your house, we are helping provide quality housing opportunities for the greater Cheyenne community.

Have Questions?

Call Jim or Kari today at (307) 632-8222! We believe in providing facts and opportunities. We never pressure anyone to sell and prioritize in dealing with happy customers.